Meet Our Team

Margaret Freund

Margaret is the owner and president of Fulton Hill Properties, a boutique development firm specializing in historic renovations and infill new construction. After frequent visits to Boulder, Margaret moved here in the 90s and worked for a painting company. In 1996, she purchased her home in Newlands, and renovated many houses in the Newlands and Chautauqua neighborhoods through the early 2000s. Margaret also lives in Richmond, Virginia where she has developed 300,000 square feet of commercial, entertainment, restaurant, retail, and residential space in transitioning neighborhoods in Richmond.

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Margaret in Boulder

Jeff Dawson

STUDIO Architecture is a​ ​Boulder-based design firm that specializes in mixed-use, office​ ​and​ ​multifamily​ affordable​ and senior housing​ ​projects. They provide architectural design services​ ​that​ ​positively impact​ ​​communities​ by​ ​designing​ ​thoughtful, ​innovative ​and sustainable​ ​solutions to​ ​complex ​urban ​​problems. It’s our mission to deliver every client’s vision while transforming our communities into more exciting places to live and work.

Jeff Dawson is the founder of STUDIO Architecture. Jeff and his wife Elizabeth moved to Boulder in 2002 from Carlsbad, CA and raised their two sons who attended neighborhood BVSD schools including Crestview Elementary, Centennial Middle School and Boulder High. Both sons now attend CU-Boulder. Jeff and Elizabeth also attended CU Boulder and Jeff received his Master’s in Architecture from CU Denver. He is currently a member of the City of Boulder’s Design Advisory Board, and was also a member of the Boulder Junction Access District Commission and the Planning and Development Services Advisory Panel. Jeff’s multifamily and mixed-use projects have received numerous design excellence awards from a variety of associations including the AIA and NAHB. Jeff is passionate about sensible and sustainable design. He believes great design can improve the lives and the communities of the people they serve.

Jeff Dawson