“15-Minute Neighborhoods”: Iris&B Making Boulder More “Walkable”

By December 18, 2016Blog

What makes an individual or a family LOVE their neighborhood? Answers vary, of course, but some might list the following: nice neighbors, good schools, well-kept homes and lawns, quiet, safe…and “15-minute walkable.”

Yes, “15-minute walkable neighborhoods” are a trend that is becoming more and more popular – and desirable – among urban homebuyers.

What exactly is a “15-minute walkable neighborhood”? Put simply, a walkable neighborhood is one located within walking distance of a city’s retail and business and one that has convenient access to public transit.

Residents are attracted to this concept for many reasons, not the least of which is that they will drive less.

Iris&B is a “15-minute walkable neighborhood.” Convenient amenities like coffee houses and other retail with quality community-focused open space where neighbors can meet and enjoy will enhance the neighborhood.  Bike trails and transportation are all within a short walk from the property. Additionally, as a transit-oriented development, the property is on a major RTD bus route. Moreover, residents will have Eco passes and easy access to car share and B-Cycle stations, all with minimal impact to existing neighborhood traffic patterns.

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