Next Steps Iris&B & Boulder Housing Diversity

By December 9, 2016Blog

Iris&B, 3303 Broadway, Next Steps

The Iris&B proposal requires city approval of four applications: a site review, a use review (for the project plans and land uses), a rezoning review, and comprehensive plan map change (from Public to High Density).

  • The Planning Board’s denial of the site review and use review can be “called-up” by the City Council on Jan. 3. If “called-up,” the Board’s denial would be “erased” and the City Council would then consider the project plans and uses.
  • The Planning Board’s action on the rezoning and comprehensive plan map change was a recommendation of denial to the City Council. In other words, the Board’s action is not final. The City Council can approve these changes to High Density at a public hearing on Jan. 17.
  • City Council needs to hear the community support for the Iris&B proposal! Here’s where we need your help.

Send an email to and include:

  • Why you support this project:

Let them know that Housing Diversity in Boulder is important.

High density is appropriate for this site.

This project is a critical step in the right direction for more middle-income housing.

  • Ask them to call-up the site review on Jan. 3.
  • Ask them to approve the rezoning/comprehensive plan change.
  • Send an email to (300 words max.) describing why you believe in this project.
  • Speak to the City Council at the meeting (Jan. 17).



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